About Rolly’s

History & Idea

Rolly’s started in 2021 when we – a group of friends – sat down on a summer night in Stockholm to eat our favourite fast food. We talked about how to create the perfect pizza, as you do when you’re eating pizza. As it turned out, we all had something to contribute: From an already formulated grab’n go pizza concept to having perfected pizza dough over the course of four years. We all wanted to make our favourite fast food available for everyone to enjoy. Anywhere, anytime.

To sum it up we saw three main reasons why starting Rolly’s was a great idea…

1. The quality of pizza vary a lot depending on which pizzeria you buy from. The same goes for the taste: Your favourite pizza doesn’t taste the same from one place to the next. But Rolly’s does.

2. We’re not creating something new. It’s pizza, that everyone knows and loves, so we don’t have to convince you, that it’s a great product.

3. Rolling pizza makes it easier to eat – something many of us have done since childhood. Plus they stay warm longer! When we roll them for you, you get a pizza that’s easy to grab and eat in the car, for lunch, at a game, for movie night, when you’re hungover on your couch – or any other situation you can think of, where you crave pizza.

Our vision is to offer the best tasting grab’n go pizza that is easy to order and pick up or have delivered – whether you live in Westeros or Kuala Lumpur.

Rolly’s Concept & Vision

Our concept stands on four pillars:



Rolly’s should be easy to order, produce, pay, and easy to eat. This means a simple menu of nine pizzas at the same price, but an option of extra toppings to create your own. Cashless payment through our app, and rolled pizza so it’s easy to grab and eat on the go.



We want to be the best in all categories, so we are not leaving anything to chance. We continuously measure everything from guest satisfaction to the staff’s view of their workplace. This includes food quality to make sure that Rolly’s continue to get quotes like: ‘Best pizza I ever had!”



We create the optimal processess in delivery, sales, production, onboarding and support. Our goal is to simplify, secure and create the tools to be a leading player in the franchise industry. This pillar is essential for our long-term success.


Passion & love

Two key ingredients in creating and maintaining our success. Everything we do comes from a place of passion and love.

The Originals

Mikael Ahnell,

Gotlander with a background in restaurants, hotels, and franchising. Have run businesses in Scandinavia and internationally. For Mikael as a gym & pizza lover, a Bussola a week is a perfect combo!

Pierre Lind,
Head of Taste

More than 30 years in the restaurant industry in Dalarna and Ludvika. Has geeked out on pizza for more than four years to create the perfect dough. Often experimenting in Rolly’s kitchen lab with a Margherita by his side.

Emma Nors,
Head of Visuals

A background in the fashion and music industry and has a lot of experience in building businesses and brands. Co-founder of Virtual Star Studios, and usally goes for a juicy Hawaii + salami combo.

Mats Mårtensson,
Head of Tech

An entrepreneur and investor. Passionate about customer satisfaction, software and high-tech. Has founded multiple companies mainly within tech. Always listening to 90s rock and want’s to bring Salami pizza to the top of the charts.

Richard Frantzén,
Head of Virtual Production

Founder of an award-winning film studio making brands shine through Hollywood film technology. Richard is the godfather of Virtual Production outside of Hollywood, and he likes his pizza cheesy.

Tina Lee,
Head of Brand & Design

A Dane with over 20 years of experience using words and graphic design to sharpen ideas and make products look better. Loves working remote from exotic locations, but always comes back for us (and the Vesuvio with shrooms).

Kalle Barfeld,
Head of Events & Promotions

Run multiple businesses related to speed, co-owns Virtual Star Studios, and is now speeding up things in Rolly’s too! Wouldn’t place anything else than a Kebab Pizza in his rally car’s cup holder.

Fredrik Lindberg,
Head of Locations

Leading roles in the real estate industry since 2000, from Svenska Hus AB and Oscar Properties to Glommen & Lindberg, Always thinking about how to construct smarter buildings and the ultimate pizza outlet.

Ken Bertling,
Head of Innovation

An entrepreneur & investor with a passion for scaleable businesses. Has rolled his pizza’s since childhood. Loves to develop ideas behind the wheel of his old firetruck and always orders Capricciosa with added shrimps & bea.

David Flingdal,
Head of Marketing

Data-driven marketer and investor who established Google in the Nordics. He has also helped large Nordic e-commerce companies become even more successful, and is a big fan of garden parties and Hawaii.

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