Rolly’s food philosophy

For the days when pizza is a must-have

We have a transparent food philosophy. What we mean by that is that you have full insight into how we prepare our food and what ingredients go into our pizzas.

Pizza is not exactly considered a health food and we definitely won’t claim that it is. But there are days when pizza is a must-have! So our promise is to strive for a version of this tasty dish that is as healthy as possible, while still being the pizza you know and love.

On the website you can find the basic nutritional information for all our pizzas and ingredients. This way you can always check how much fuel your body gets to work with. Once you get to know Rolly’s, you might need to visit the gym more often – I know I do!


Mikael Ahnell, CEO and co-founder

The taste of Rolly’s

Rolly’s rolled pizzas taste like the classic ‘Swedish’ pizza has tasted since the 1960s.
That means that if you like a traditional Vesuvio, you will most likely love Rolly’s Vesuvio.

But there is one big difference: Our rolled pizza is both warmer and tastier as each bite contains a bit of everything. Pretty damn close to perfection if you ask us.


We want to reduce the carbon footprint of our food production. This means that we try to choose ingredients that help minimise environmental impact.


The pizza is heated to 325 degrees for about two minutes. When it has cooled down for 80 seconds we add sauce and salad, if you ordered that. Then we roll the pizza – but not too tight, as the aroma needs a bit of air.


Rolly’s come in two sizes; regular at 30 cm and half at 15 cm long. Both has a diameter of about 7 cm. A regular weighs around 630 g and a half 315 g depending on which pizza and which extra toppings you pick.

1000s of pizzas

The menu might just show nine different pizzas, but when you create your own with extra toppings, sauces and salads you can create thousands of different variations!

Rolly’s and your health

You’ve probably heard the proverbial saying ‘You are what you eat’…

We are not trying to convince you that pizza is healthy. But we are not in the same category as highly processed foods such as fries and burgers. All Rolly’s pizzas have been created by our chef Pierre. They are made from scratch from fresh ingredients. He’s also been mindful of the number of calories, without impacting the great taste. Like reducing the amount of oil in the dough and choosing better quality cheese.

So, with Rolly’s it’s the number of calories you should watch out for. The range goes from Bussola’s 196 kcal per 100 gram to the salami pizza with 264 calories per 100 gram. To give you an idea of what it takes to spend that energy: If you weigh 70 kg and run 5 km, you burn about 350 kcal. Our advice is to eat a balanced diet, and don’t buy Rolly’s every day.

See nutritional values.

Do you have a great idea?

If you have a suggestion to make us more environmentally friendly or better in any other way – let us know. Just email our CEO Mikael Ahnell.

Rolly’s and the environment

We don’t inherit the earth, we borrow it from future generations. We take that very seriously.

As a restaurant chain we impact the environment on multiple levels – from where we get ingredients and how we produce food to how and where we serve our pizzas.

We are not perfect, when it comes to being sustainable, but we do our best.


ingredients when possible


 = fewer warehouse transports


 designed to reduce waste

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