Our Guidelines


Your integrity is important to us and we will always be open and transparent with information about what and how we treat your personal data so that you can feel secure.

We are responsible for your personal information:

Rolly’s AB
Hjalmar Söderbergs Väg 8
112 14 Stockholm
Organization number: 559351-8607
CEO Mikael Ahnell

If you have any questions regarding how we treat your data, you are always welcome to contact us.

We gather the personal information when you download our app. The usage of the data has the clear purpose to enhance your experience with Rolly’s products and services. An example of information we gather is name and contact information such as address, email and phone number.

Our Policies

Rolly’s together with all the franchisees shall conduct their business in a way that acknowledges, respects and benefits social responsibillity and awareness. This happens through an active and constructive dialogue with groups of interest locally, nationally and internationally. With social responsibility we mean taking into consideration potential consequences of our decisions on society and the environment.

Human rights and Labor Law
We respect and advocate international human rights and labor law. Our suppliers and subcontractors are expected to do the same. We do not allow discrimination or harassment in any form. Our employees have the right to organize, join associations and negotiate with the company. We do not allow forced labor or child labor. We will continuously strive to improve the work environment at our workplaces. Our goal is to create a safe working environment and achieve the best possible physical, mental and social well-being among our employees.

Our most important stakeholders are our franchisees, their employees, their customers and their suppliers. They are the heart and engine of our organisation and without them there is no sustainable and long term success. Knowing and highlighting this means that we are focused on constructing and keeping the incentives for them to be motivated to stick around.

Transparency and Responsibillity
The company is open and transparent in all decisions and activities that affect society and the environment. We are responsible for everything we do. We comply with applicable laws and regulations and we respect, take into account and respond to the interests of our stakeholders. We act ethically correct and actively promote ethical action based on honesty, equality and integrity. At Rolly’s we believe in fair and free trade. We will not engage in any form of bribery or corruption.

We work for increased sustainability. We constantly strive to minimize our environmental impact. Raw materials, energy and other resources will be used efficiently and with respect for the environment. Environmental considerations permeate the entire value chain and form an integral part of our purchasing process. We will verify the origin of everything from the cap to the packaging and more and only buy materials from legal and controlled sources. We will actively promote certified and responsible production.

Diversity and Gender Equality
Diversity and gender equality are areas of knowledge and not a matter of opinions. Knowledge is necessary to find the right measures that contribute to equality and diversity. Each franchisee is responsible for working for a goal-oriented work place with diversity and inclusion, which includes implementing changes, sharing information and making regular follow-ups. All employees must have equal opportunities for a successful career within our company. All customers and employees must be treated with respect and dignity regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or ethnic origin. All cases of discrimination in the workplace must be investigated and appropriate measures taken.